September 6, 2016 Venture Capital Investment Presentation

September 6, 2016 Venture Capital Investment Presentation


The September 6, 2016 Venture Capital Presentation featured the following companies pitching for capital:

Square Roots Kitchen

Square Roots Kitchen is a technology driven, healthy, quick service restaurant, designed to meet the dining needs of the on-the-go consumer. Offering customers a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional quick serve fare.

Silverdome Security

Silverdome provides advanced cyber defense solutions to enterprises, government and extending to SoHo and consumers. The suite of services bring together state of the art cyber detection and response solutions. It also provides advanced deception and containment products to create a cyber defense environment for any customer.


Thermasi has a mission to change the conventional way to heat a home. The new Thermasi heating system design, drastically cuts green house gasses and reduces a monthly heating bill for a home or a business.

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