September 3, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

September 3, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series




ChangEd is a Mark Cuban and Shark Tank backed company that is addressing the $1.5 Trillion student loan crisis in America. The ChangEd App is a mobile app that helps student loan borrowers pay off their debt more effectively. Combining the ability for loan borrowers to connect their main financial institution(s) and student loan(s) in one place, the app offers tools utilizing consumer behavioral data to accelerate student loan debt repayment.

ChangEd does this by offering micro-savings features that stimulate and encourage customers to save.   ChangEd partners with Banks, Credit Unions, and Lenders to reach borrowers with our offerings. To date, ChangEd has helped send over $4.5 Million in student loan payments for its thousands of users and manages over $1 Billion in student loan debt.


NetThunder has built the technology for companies to have all the benefits of cloud but on premise. With NetThunder’s platforms setting up on-premise IT or computing infrastructure is as easy as installing apps on a smartphone. They are currently able to set up an entire company’s network in 4 clicks and 4 minutes.


Zerv’s technology is a seamless and scalable solution for mobile access in real estate, parking, logistics and transportation. Tokened a “universal key” that works with all access control systems from the past and present, it enables a smartphone to open any door, gate and garage regardless of the current system. A device which also builds a standardized repository of real-time data and usage patterns without the need for costly infrastructure updates or downtime. Zerv’s products can empower customers with the benefits that come from mobile access, at any location, without the cost, downtime, integration headaches and changes that other options create.

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