October 10, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

October 10, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series




GoGig is an anonymous professional networking platform that helps currently employed, passively seeking individuals advance their careers confidentially through career desire and cultural ‘fit’ metrics using Artificial Intelligence. Hiring professionals can tap into a completely new group of passive candidates that they otherwise didn’t know existed through powerful algorithmic search. No job postings, no applying, no keyword crawlers, no resume gimmicks.  YoY revenue growth in 2019 is 3.5X and 250,000+ passive job candidates have signed up to the platform. GoGig is backed by: the Founder of Hire.com, the Chief HR Officer of Macys and Pepsico, and has taken in $1.4 Million in funding to-date from VC and Angel investors like Alumni Ventures Group and Felix Sabates. 



Graffiniti is a next-generation social marketplace that merges artistic imagination and the real world.  It’s an augmented reality-based app that combines the social feed of Instagram with the e-commerce solutions of Amazon, allowing artists to generate revenue like never before and enabling users to transform their world.


Sleep Live Well

More than a sleep meditation app Sleep Live Well gives you proven science-backed techniques to induce sleep quickly and easily. 1 in 3 Americans and people globally have poor sleep, and there is no current safe and fast-acting solution to fall asleep.  With our mobile app, anyone can fall asleep, get back to sleep and get a more restful sleep. Sleep when you need to and wake up to a healthier happier you.


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