May 7, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

May 7, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series



Feed Earth Now

Feed Earth Now’s Terreplenish creates organic plant growth microbes derived from food waste.  The microbes bring more nitrogen into the plants while eliminating bothersome fungus like powdery mildew, corn smut, and coffee rust.

Vu360 Solutions is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions & technology in Supply Chain Management, Healthcare and Agriculture Markets. Vu360 Solutions has taken a new approach to leveraging AI and Machine Learning by providing Continuous Intelligence for enterprise applications. Unlike other approaches, Continuous Intelligence can be achieved by integrating Vu360 technologies into existing and proven enterprise solutions. The approach effectively addresses one of the biggest challenges to wide scale adoption: Potential Disruption to existing operations and processes. By limiting disruption, Vu360 allows these corporations to gradually unlock the full potential and stay ahead of the competition. AI provides a generational opportunity for all type of enterprises and businesses to make big gains in productivity and profitability. Vu360’s software lets businesses see where things are and get them moving if they’re not in the right place. Vu360 gets things to where they’re supposed go-whether it’s tomatoes or doctors they deliver!

FastClaim transforms and digitizes the $120 Billion insurance injury claims quagmire of doctors lawyers and big insurance companies by providing real help to the claimants for the first time. It is done through an app that is an AI based digital assistant named Victoria. She brings a common face to the industry, a new innovative process for rapidly settling 90 % of injury claims.  Victoria assists injured people in filing an insurance claim without the need of an attorney and consequently the injured person will  receive almost TWICE the injury compensation and  in one fifth the time of those who follow the legal route. The focus is on the injured person, not the insurance companies nor the lawyers.

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