March 7, 2018 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

March 7, 2018 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series




Develops and commercializes innovative multi-sensor cardiovascular medical devices for optimal diagnosis and therapy of heart diseases, to improve the  lives of patients.


What if, instead of exercising, we could just PLAY? SymGym is a fun, new way to play games, compete with friends, and workout using a resistance based exercise device, video game controller, and gaming platform. Instead of tedious treadmills, you get a fun and immersive experience that’s both interactive and social WHILE getting a workout.

The interactive, augmented reality workout is based on the SymGym controller. SymGym uses bodily movement to control video game actions to make your work out interactive. By using a range of resistance that incorporates game level and game action, lifting heavy objects are now harder to move than lighter objects and running uphill requires more effort than running downhill.

Dimensionally Yours

You wouldn’t buy shoes that are too big or blinds the wrong size for your windows, so why buy furniture that doesn’t fit your space? Dimensionally Yours uses a unique design and manufacturing process that allows you to choose the furniture you want in the exact size you need it.

Dimensionally Yours manufactures custom sizes to order and sells direct to the consumer. They avoid all the middlemen that add non-value adding supply chain costs. By streamlining the business model they are able to use higher quality materials and construction methods than the competition.

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