Management Education & Training

Professional Development

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce’s (LACC) Management Education and Training Program is designed to enhance the management capacity of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The LACC’s Management and Education Training Program includes the following:

  • New Business Forums designed to build capacity for startup and early-stage companies in the areas of corporate organization, management, capitalization, financing, contract procurement and sales
  • Seminars and Roundtables for managers and business owners interested in the financing programs established by the City, County, State and Federal Government to assist small businesses
  • Regular procurement sessions to review specific projects
  • Seminars and Roundtables to discuss proposed legislation, new laws, and rules and regulations impacting business
  • Conferences and Workshops addressing specific topics including pre-award surveys, contract negotiation and administration, quality assurance, production and construction management
  • Breakfasts and luncheons to encourage interaction between M/W/D/VBE Certified Companies and purchasing officers from the public and private sector, and prime contractors
  • Provide direct training to both individuals and company groups on how to prepare the business to source for government contracting