Demographic Research

Latin American Chamber of Commerce Census Information Center (LACC-CIC)

The LACC-CIC, an official member of the U.S. Census Bureau Census Information Centers Program, uses key demographic research using the latest census information to produce report analysis on the following geographic areas:

  • Census tracts
  • Counties
  • Zip Codes
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA)
  • Cities
  • States

New or Expanding Markets

The LACC-CIC also uses demographic and economic data to create customized reports to assist companies in their efforts to select a site to open a new business or expand into new markets including:

  • Census Tract Street Index
  • Geocoding
  • Service area map (easy maps)
  • Customized maps and analysis
  • Demographic reports to identify potential markets
  • Specialized research to identify consumers need, business competitiveness, financial risks, commercial real estate investments

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]