July 11, 2017 Venture Capital Investment Presentation

July 11, 2017 Venture Capital Investment Presentation


The July 11, 2017 Venture Capital Presentation featured the following companies pitching for capital:

Onvector is a leader in the development of innovative non-chemical water treatment technologies. Our philosophy is simple: to design systems that provide more robust performance at lower energy cost.  Onvector is introducing the Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 Advanced Oxidation System


Cultivate Advisors helps business owners develop their skills, lead their teams, plan and execute so they can grow to the next level.  Through our innovative micro consulting sessions we ensure you escape the day to day challenges of your business. With consistent follow up we help strategies become behavior. Our focus is on non-industry specific skills which means we don’t make assumptions about your business. We bring outside, cross industry realistic benchmarking to the table.


ANDalyze performs onsite testing for heavy metals.  ANDalyze, which estimates water-testing services as a $700 million market, applies lab techniques out of the University of Illinois that use gene-sequencing technologies of the last decade to breed DNA that bonds to water contaminants so quickly it can be done on site.


Want to present at a future meeting?  Send your executive summary and pitch deck to lminkus@conceptequity.com


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