August 7, 2018 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

August 7, 2018 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series


Three companies will presented in the usual BNC format.

They each had 10 minutes to answer the following six questions:

What’s the product or service?

Why will the customer buy it?

What’s AMAZING about the management team?

How does the company make money?

What traction does the company have?

How does the investor make money?

The 15- 20 minute structured Q & A with the audience, surrounding the six questions, will follow each presentation.


First Approval Source is a profitable technology-based provider of outsourced Finance and Insurance (F&I) services to Marine, RV, Powersport and Independent Automobile Dealers. This represents 39,000 dealers potentially doing $2.2B in financing each year and leaving $4B on the table annually.

In 2017 they recorded $1.3M in revenue.

Currently, they serve profitably as the Finance Manager for dealerships in those industries who either do not have this function or who are just really bad at it. By converting their current technology from SalesForce and other commercially available subscription- based solutions to solution specific proprietary technology they reduce their costs and open the door to licensing their solution to others.

Nexus A.I. is a Chicago-based technology company that serves over 500 brands as clients. The Company’s first product, ConceptDrop, pairs brands with a vetted community of creative freelancers. Nexus A.I. helps brands make informed resource decisions through the power of data science. At Nexus A.I., they believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunities are not. Their goal is to build an infrastructure that can help bring opportunities to the most talented people.

Nexus A.I. is a 500 Startups Company that was named to 50 On Fire, LinkedIn’s Next Wave, and the 100 Coolest Companies in Chicago.

If you could not make this meeting, join us on TUESDAY, September 4th.

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