August 6, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

August 6, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series




VRsano is a patented brain-computer interface that alleviates severe stress, decreases bleeding, pain, and complications in medical patients and boosts their immune systems in the short and long term. The use of VRsano will lead to decreased use of medication and opioids and will facilitate the treatment of illnesses including heart disease and cancer.  VRsano will significantly improve patients’ experiences and treatment outcomes while greatly lowering costs for medical providers, payers and patients – an achievement that still eludes existing solutions.

 VRsano integrates virtual reality, bio-neurofeedback and research-proven clinical hypnosis principles.  VRsano will lead to both immediate short term benefits such as relief of stress, pain and symptoms and it will induce sustained long term effects in medical patients such as faster recovery and wound healing.  They are currently developing the partnership with a major Internet provider in order to integrate 5G, thereby making it easy to incorporate in hospitals and scale.

Adelie Health

Adelie Health use insights from behavioral economics to help people with diabetes self-manage their condition. They are developing a monitoring device to track insulin injections paired with a companion app to incentivize adherence. The monitoring device is at the proof-of-concept development stage and uses patent-pending sensor technology. The companion app is currently being built and will initially connect to existing diabetes devices. The customer and incentive provider will be the health insurer. Their strategy is to initially focus on young people with type 1 diabetes (~700k) in the USA who experience the worse health outcomes before expanding to all people with diabetes (~30m) and prediabetes (~84m) in the USA.

Java Master

Java Master is disrupting big box coffee roasting by roasting small batches thereby maximizing coffee freshness. Java Master’s patented process uses electricity and not gas; is clean and results in superior-tasting coffee.

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