April 2, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series

April 2, 2019 – Monthly Venture Capital Investment Series




ChoreRelief benefits modern property owners and managers by getting them the services they need at the prices they deserve. With the ChoreRelief app, finding and communicating with professionals is easier than ever before.


Meeper Technology

Meeper, a leading STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Robotics and curriculum provider in the US who’s mission is to close the STEM Gap, starting in early education.

Meeper has partnered with STEM Fuse, the leading STEM curriculum provider in the US and recently obtained a license to use and resell Snap Circuits® with their new Meeper Circuit Control. Now Meeper patented robotics can control and code BOTS, Motors and Circuits and contain industry-leading STEM Lessons for K-12.



Coinfide is building a robust set of solutions to help individuals and enterprises participate in the blockchain economy and transact crypto-currencies with more confidence. Their, non-linear online educational platforms allow users to learn about the industry while they apply their knowledge using our hands-on, simulator supported by live market data.

Their platform creates enhanced liquidity, provides enhanced security tools and protocols while reducing the cost of the transaction. Their proprietary pass-through model means that they never hold the actual currency hereby significantly reducing the risk of the account being hacked.


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